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Pointgold Rusa, more affectionately known as Archie, has a little rest with owner Chris.  Now that's what I call relaxed.



Pointgold Fair Game (Gemma) waiting patiently to go to work for Joe

Owned and spoilt by Joe Murrone.



Pointgold Forever Krystals (Trekka) with her first deer - (oh and Krystal her owner)

Trekka seems to be pretty good at finding these deer


Owned and loved by Brod and Krystal



Pointgold Endless Fury (Stealth) playing in the ute with his best friend.

owned and loved by the Orlando family



Stealth has had enough of the ute  so off he goes to play with something else


Pointgold Renee Zelweger (Poppy)

relaxing with owner Jason
during a day's fishing.



poppy leatham and jase.JPG (34474 bytes)





Pointgold Rocketman (Jaeger) on point at Rokewood during the 2009 Quail opening weekend.

(Thanks to Paul for the photo)


Pointgold Maximum Demand (Amber)

With ears like these she should have been
called "The Flying Nun"

Owned and loved by Craig Brown

amber - craig brown.JPG (33824 bytes)

obi 4-7-09.JPG (5226302 bytes)


Pointgold Obnoxious (Obi)

Obi is a ltter brother to
FT and RT Pointgold Obliterate.

Just like his brother, Obi is a very placid
and biddable dog,
and is very stylish on point.

(Thanks to Craig Brown for the photo)

Pointgold Leo (Bronson)

A very patient dog.


"The things they make me do"

pointgold leo (bronson).JPG (34469 bytes)

pointgold leo 1.JPG (39818 bytes)


Pointgold Leo (Bronson) owned by Wayne Harris


"How long do I have to sit here having my photo taken.  Let me get back to the fire or better still let's go hunting again!!!!"



Pointgold Maid Marion (Maddie)

When they said I could be a lounge lizard I thought they meant I had to become as limp as possible and pretend I'm sleeping on a rock. Lucky for me Reggie didn't mind pretending to be the rock

tollerantreggie.jpg (58485 bytes)


"Come on guys when do I get to have a ski"

Pointgold Dr Spock (Saxon) on Lake Eppalock.


With a name like Pointgold Sauron I have to look regal. And now that I have found out they have made a movie with me in it I believe you should all bow. (Even if they do just call me Wally)

wally_relaxing.jpg (773226 bytes)

cassius rabbit retrieve.JPG (30251 bytes)



Pointgold Abraham (Cassius) and Sal Briganti display the obedience that makes hunting a pleasure not a screaming match.



One of our dogs exported to New Zealand.

"Chucka" spends time hunting pheasants in the vineyard of this owner Richard Mason.

chuca pointing in vineyard.jpg (198658 bytes)

gentleman shooter.jpg (2283051 bytes)

Steve, Hayleigh and Oki on Quail Season opening morning in 1991.

Now the truth -

Steve had a horse racing at Sandown on the afternoon of quail opening so he changed in the paddock and made a mad dash for Sandown Racecourse. (The horse ran 5th - only a length from 1st) Typical Steve, he returned to the quail paddock the next morning,

This photo was taken by Bill Vasiliadis, who presented a framed copy to Steve on his birthday that year - the photo has been titled "The Gentleman Shooter".


"My mum said 'practice makes perfect' so I started pointing when I was 7 weeks old.

The practice must have worked I got to be a Field Trial Champion and I even placed 2nd in a National."

FT Ch Pointgold Keen N Able (Oki)

puppy oki pointing.jpg (200193 bytes)

underwater.JPG (199170 bytes)


"Believe me Reggie if we look long and hard enough under all this water we will find a duck - just be patient."

Pointgold Maid Marion and Reggie the English Pointer.



Whoever said you need a rug for GSPs to sleep on obviously never heard about Golden Retrievers being great sleeping mats.

rug rat.JPG (31409 bytes)

winkionbailey.jpg (30907 bytes)



"Boy these Golden rugs are great for sitting on in the morning sun"

Pointgold Alcmene (Winki) sits comfortably on Pointgold Baileys Song (Bailey) - in fact he is so dead to the world he probably doesn't realize she is even there.



Elisha Neilsen came to visit her 4 week old pup "Gemma" - Gemma was so comfortable with Elisha that she just fell asleep. 

Oh well, plenty of time to play when she goes home in another 4 weeks.  (I promise the time will go quickly Elisha)

gemma_asleep_in_elishas_arms.JPG (42404 bytes)

shadow.JPG (782842 bytes)



Shadow (Pointgold Blac Az Blac) enjoys a quiet moment in the sun.