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Pointgold Golden Retrievers and German Shorthaired Pointers



Pointgold Xmas Holiday (Oliver) and his best friend, Taj,  enjoy some well earned zzzz's after a morning of playing.

Oliver and his best friend

Attack !!!

Pointgold Brazn Brody (Brody)leaps from the drum as Pointgold Unpredictable (Lacey) waits for the attack.

Debbie Cerda-Pavia owns these two and there is never a dull moment where Brody is concerned.



"Did someone call me for dinner??? I've brought my own plate if that will speed things up a bit"

Dinner time?

Sleeping lesson

"Now just remember when you are sleeping put your head on your leg. I said 'your leg' not mine."

Dual Ch (R) Allanora Xmas Holly CD demonstrating the finer points of sleeping to one of her grandpuppies.

What better way to relax than on Mum and Dad's christmas present.

Don't tell them I sleep on this they think I sleep on my hammock bed.


Pointgold Ginger Rogers sound asleep one morning caught sleeping on the garden swing.

Owned and loved by Beck and Gary.

Mali asleep.jpg (69452 bytes)

Retrieving training


Pointgold Wind of Change (Chester) at a Golden Retriever Club of Victoria retriever training day.

His owner, Jean Roberts, is able to concentrate on getting Chester to watch in the right direction as Brenton Doley fires the gun.

"I'm coming as fast as I can!!"

Chester returns to Jean with the bird.

I'm coming as fast as I can

Body guard


Pointgold Bron Tee (Lucy) relaxes on the Bananas In Pyjamas lounge whilst her charge Stuart has a little sleep.




"They told me to watch the birdie while they take a photo. I want to know WHICH BIRDIE???"

Pointgold Wind of Change (Chester) would often be seen watching the cockatoos that landed on the balcony.

Watch which birdie?

jess retrieves a rabbit for Paul


Pointgold Trigger Happy (Jess) retrieves a rabbit for Paul her devoted owner.


Paul and Jess are regulars in the field - Paul loves to shoot and Jess loves to retrieve. What a partnership!!

"Oh gee guys I know I'm cute and I know I'm Paul's best friend but gee wizz I'm really just a shy little girl."

(If this is shy I'd hate to see a flirt)

shy jess

jess relaxing


Pointgold Trigger Happy relazes after a hard day in the duck swamp.

This picture and the wording below appeared in Feathers & Fur  Issue 5, 1996.

All Dual Champion Allanora Xmas Holly CD wanted to do was go for a walk. Two year old Casey Wood from Bulhus WA, had to finish her apple and her four year old brother Thomas had to wipe the remaining bits of his apple off his face. Holly had been competing in the National Retrieving Trial and was on her lunch break. It was a very patient eight year old Golden Retriever that waited for them both to finish. Eventually both Casey and Thomas were ready and Holly took them for a walk instead.

Feather & Fur article about Holly

rompinthemud.JPG (29181 bytes)


Any time of year is a good time for a romp in the mud - Pointgold K Tee (Kate) and Pointgold Abit of Mischif (Poppy) enjoy a mid winter mud bath

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