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Golden Retrievers

I bought my first Golden in 1985 - just as a pet. Kelly attained the obedience title of CD. Unfortunately she didn't really have what it takes to be an obedience dog (more likely I didn't know how to achieve it) and I had since been introduced to retrieving trials. What great fun and what an excellent opportunity for our gundogs to do what they were originally bred to do. So after much hunting (sorry about the pun) I finally bought my second Golden from Alan Aldrich. A breeder of Goldens for many years and many of his dogs were show champions and many of them family pets that were also hunted with. Here I hoped I would get the best of both worlds. 

Holly ( Dual Ch. (R) Allanora Xmas Holly C.D.) could possibly be described as the ugly duckling. As a puppy she really wasn't much to look at (just look at her show record until the age of 3 - nothing). As a retriever she was a marvel. All she ever wanted to do was bring "presents" to me. With the help of Jane Fall (Fernfall Goldens) we managed to get Holly's show title. Capping off her show career with Best of Breed at the 1992 Royal Melbourne Show. With the help of my husband, Steve, Holly became a Retrieving Trial Champion.

And so the Golden Retriever side of Pointgold began.

(Kelly was given to a nursing home and lived to the ripe old age of 14)

  Dual Ch (R) Allanora Xmas Holly CD
Holly died aged 12 from complications after surgery.